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It Was Foggy And We Came To A Field of Horses…

This gorgeous picture was taken by my sister who, with two friends, is currently walking the El Camino Santiago in Spain, something I have dreamed of doing for years.  They will be walking for five weeks through beautiful Spanish country-side, … Continue reading

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Should I Have a Cup of Coffee, Or Kill Myself?

The title of this blog is meant to be humourous; I feel I should say that right off the bat.  It has nothing to do with a dark state of mind, or a morose desire to end it all.  Despite some … Continue reading

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Introverted and Inspired

I chose the beautiful Chateau picture above because it beckons me to step inside and walk it’s wide open halls. I can feel the grandness of the space, imagine its history, sense its coolness. I don’t live in any such … Continue reading

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I`m On My Way (Sitting, by Cat Stevens)

I recently posted the lyrics to the song “Sitting”, by Cat Stevens.  One of my readers asked the question : what is the meaning for you in these words?  Thank you “irishkatie” for asking the question. When I was just a young … Continue reading

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A Wedding, A Reception, And An Introvert

I had a hugely busy few days a couple of weeks ago.  As a hard-core introvert, I generally work really hard to keep my calendar free of big social events whenever possible..  There is nothing like seeing a blank calendar, free … Continue reading

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You’re Not My Type

There isn’t a single day that goes by in my life when I am not reminded in some way, somehow, that I am inherently different from most people walking this earth – at least it feels that way.  Trying to figure … Continue reading

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Openness To Experience

According to Abraham Maslow, one of the many traits of the self-actualized person is openness to experience.   Openness to experience is only one of the personality dimensions identified in the Five Factor Model, a theory on human personality.  There are others, but I think … Continue reading

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WordPress, What Were You Thinking??

I am feeling rather disappointed with WordPress of late.  A few days ago, upon logging into my account, I noticed the new Freshly Pressed blogs as I usually do – they are difficult to avoid.  One of them stood out because of the picture … Continue reading

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The Power of Fear

There is nothing that will put the brakes on major life decisions faster than fear.  FEAR.  It is the one thing that will get in the way of anything new and untried that you might be contemplating.  It doesn’t matter what it … Continue reading

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A Lesson For The Living

The truly important things in life are not necessarily the things that we strive for.  The paradox of course is that “life” tends to get in the way of living.  We keep ourselves busy running around day after day doing those things that we think … Continue reading

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