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The Power of Solitude

There is nothing like the formidable power of solitude.  For some it holds the power to enlighten the spirit, and soothe the soul, to fill and engage the creative mind, or to quiet the psyche.  Yet for others, solitude may be an unwelcome … Continue reading

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Inner Conflict as a Path to Higher Development – Part III

Continuation of Part II… Beyond Level III there are two higher stages of development.  Both of these stages are rare, but they have been attained by various members of our society and so they remain possibilities.  Level IV is the … Continue reading

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Inner Conflict as a Path to Higher Development – Part II

Continuation of Part I… The critical element of the level III personality structure is the awareness of an ideal in themselves toward which they must strive.  They have a sense of “what is.”  From this awakening there stems the beginning of … Continue reading

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Inner Conflict as a Path to Higher Development : Part I

I have often referred to and written about the Theory of Positive Disintegration by Kazimierz Dabrowski on this blog.  His is a theory about the process of personal development that I  can strongly relate to in a real and significant way.  But rather … Continue reading

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A Time For Me, Myself and I

Embarking on the long, amazing, but arduous journey into the examined life and towards self-actualization is profoundly fulfilling and necessary if your wish is to become what psychologist Carl Rogers called a fully functioning person.   It leads the way to uncovering your true essence; the who and what you … Continue reading

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