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The Power of Positive Disintegration

Anyone who has navigated this blog will know that I am fairly smitten by Polish psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski and his theory of personality development – or more specifically, the Theory of Positive Disintegration. Notwithstanding the ominous sounding name and the relative obscurity of its creator, … Continue reading

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The Power of Choice

My sister asked me last week if I was planning on going to our Kettlebells class that night.  I told her I really wanted to but I had to do this, and I had to do that; but for sure, … Continue reading

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The Shadow – The Dark and The Light

Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, theorized that we all have two sides to our personalities; the known conscious side that deals directly with the world around us, and the deeper hidden side that lies below the conscious mind, locked … Continue reading

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Spread Your Wings and Fly

There are innumerable obstacles on the road to self-actualization, not the least of which is the resistance we feel from others.   Sometimes the resistance comes from those that are closest to us.  And it’s understandable – to some degree.  Once we begin to grow, … Continue reading

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