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Kettlebells – Fit Body, Fit Mind

It`s always been my experience that when the body is fit, the mind will follow.  When I feel good physically, I generally feel pretty good mentally as well.   And the opposite is also true; being out of shape, or feeling that I`ve let myself go leads to … Continue reading

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Cat Stevens – Peace Train

Anyone who knows me well, knows that Cat Stevens is the BIG love of my life.  I was introduced to the music of Cat Stevens by my oldest sister who played guitar and used to sing “Wild World” to me … Continue reading

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Dabrowski`s Over-Excitabilities – Defined

There are people who come into this world programmed to experience life on a very different sensory level than others.  Through no fault or special circumstance of their own, their central nervous systems are wired to experience stronger emotions, more intense feelings, and deeper … Continue reading

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“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. — Anaïs Nin —

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Too Much Noise

I grew up in a large family full of loud, boisterous, and passionate personalities.  Talented artists and musicians who didn`t hesitate to express themselves, not only through art and music, but vocally as well, each fighting to be heard until the symphonious chatter would … Continue reading

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..sometimes our eyes adjust to the dimness and searching for the light is not only challenging but paradoxically painful when we find it.”  — S.W. Scott

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The Gift of Therapy

I am going to come right out and admit that I nabbed that title from a book written by Irving Yalom, a great American humanistic psychologist and writer.   It`s an awesome book if you are into psychology, or more specifically, if you are … Continue reading

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The Lonely Road to Self-Actualization

Embarking on a journey to find yourself sounds like a cliché to most people. In fact, I have often wondered about it myself. What does it really mean when you say you are trying to find yourself? Does it mean … Continue reading

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Face the Fear

For years now, my sister has been asking, encouraging, and cajoling me to participate in various border-line crazy hazy activities with her.  She is the adventuresome one in the family.  She wasn`t always like this, but after experiencing some difficult life changes, … Continue reading

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