WordPress, What Were You Thinking??

I am feeling rather disappointed with WordPress of late.  A few days ago, upon logging into my account, I noticed the new Freshly Pressed blogs as I usually do – they are difficult to avoid.  One of them stood out because of the picture attached to the blog.  It was odd.  I decided to have a look and was astounded to see that the subject related to “extremely stupid people”.  I thought it must be a joke.  I read some of the entries and quickly realized it was not.

When I first started blogging I was intrigued by this Freshly Pressed business and read up on what WordPress looked for when deciding what should be Freshly Pressed.  The very first criteria was “Unique content free of bad stuff”.

Based on that criteria alone, I am at a loss as to why this particular blog would be chosen.  I don’t know; maybe I am missing something – it’s possible – but what I see is a cauldron of hatred and anger directed at anyone and anything that doesn’t agree with the writer’s view of the world.  It is filled with obscenities, racial slurs, and attacks against various segments of society – in particular the old and the handicapped.  How nice.

So how, I wonder, did this blog pass the “unique content, no bad stuff” test?

I have no idea.  And writing about it does not jibe with the theme of my blog, at least not in any obvious way.  But for some reason, it has pushed the wrong buttons in me.  I am all for freedom of speech; I get that.  But don’t tell me (WordPress), that you are concerned about unique content, inspirational posts, and that your choices will not include blogs using foul language.  Either someone is sleeping at the switch, or you are in fact more interested in a sensationalist entry that will attract attention.  I am not impressed.

What concerns me the most though is that this individual’s blog has a decent number of followers, and the comments are appreciative of the content of the blog.  I don’t get it!!  Having said that, I realize it’s unlikely that the blogger would post any negative comments even if he had them.  Which I suspect he does..

According to Maslow, our journey towards self-actualization will eventually lead us to a place of tolerance for others.  It will endow us with a gentle and philosophical sense of humour.   This cannot possibly include spewing venom and making fun of people who are disadvantaged, intellectually or otherwise.  It seems to me that anyone who feels they are so superior that they can demean others so vehemently has some issues to work out.

And that’s all I have to say about that..

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6 Responses to WordPress, What Were You Thinking??

  1. miche123 says:

    At least you did not vilify them by posting a link to the blog. Freedom of speech is a tainted thing when used for this purpose, but if the media can write material sexist, and demeaning, which shapes some people’s perceptions anyway, then all we can do is write from ‘our’ end of the spectrum.

    • lthibault11 says:

      Thank you miche. I did feel the need to write from my end of the spectrum. I don’t normally do that, but I am just so ticked off with WordPress for having chosen such negative dribble to be published on Freshly Pressed. Unbelievable. I appreciate your comments very much.


  2. a friend says:

    Right on L!!! You go girl!

  3. Cheri Lucas says:

    On behalf of the story wrangler team at WordPress, I wanted to say we’ve read your thoughts here on this recent Freshly Pressed pick. Each day we select a mix of content, of varying voices and opinions. We thought the tone of this particular post was ultimately tongue-in-cheek, but understand, too, that it could be read as harsh and negative.

    So, we appreciate this honest feedback.


    • lthibault11 says:

      Thank you for taking the time to respond. I certainly understand the tongue-in-cheek aspect but after reading several other posts on the blog began to be convinced that there was more to it than off the wall humour. It seems to me there is enough fuel already in this world for anger and negativity. I prefer to focus on the more positive things in life and with the exception of this particular Freshly Pressed choice, it seems to me WordPress generally takes that view as well.


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