Introverted and Inspired

I chose the beautiful Chateau picture above because it beckons me to step inside and walk it’s wide open halls. I can feel the grandness of the space, imagine its history, sense its coolness. I don’t live in any such place of course, at least not in any physical reality. I have however often visited such places from another perspective, in a different kind of dimension. Being a fairly extreme introvert, I spend a significant amount of time in my head, wandering around spaces such as these. Sometimes it’s a Chateau, sometimes it’s a beautiful peaceful garden, sometimes it’s a place nowhere to be found in this world. I have many places and spaces. My inspiration for writing about the trait of introversion comes from my belief that it is sadly undervalued in a world that idolizes the extraverted – the out-spoken social butterflies, the showy peacocks, and the vocal leaders of this world. It’s not fair, and its not right.

What most may not realize is that the mental acuity of the introvert has been honed to perfection through years of introspection, vivid imagination, and endless daydreaming. It is the well-nourished creative mind of the introvert that peers inward and envisions the possibilities in things that others may ignore or cannot see. I am here to say that introversion is a grand thing, and that it should be embraced; applauded even. I am here to lend a voice and speak for the introverts of the world; it’s time we made our mark. It’s time that we start to not only accept, but love and value the sensitive, insightful, deep thinking, creative and imaginative souls that we are.

I feel inspired and driven to sensitize and educate others about the challenges of owning a personality trait that rides the outer fringes of the norm in our society. I want to unlock the door to the inner world and mind of an extreme introvert. The days in and the days out. The good, the bad, and sometimes even, the ugly. I’d like to welcome you to my world.

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4 Responses to Introverted and Inspired

  1. irishkatie says:

    I would suspect that the photo you attached does not even come close to what you can envision. I have read a batch of your blogs … and thinks that your mind’s eyes is rather wide ranging nod nods.

    • lthibault11 says:

      Ha! You are quite right. My mind’s eye is so wide ranging that I can hardly begin to express it . But I do try.. And I am so pleased that you have taken notice. Thank you irishkatie; I appreciate your interest and attention!


  2. Zen Greenway says:

    Introverts represent! Woooo!

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