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Illusions of Fear

When I was about six years old, I began to have a recurrent nightmare about an alligator chasing me.   It was a simple, straight-forward dream and the theme was always the same.  I would run in absolute terror as fast as my little legs would … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Thyself

The personalities and behaviours that we own today no doubt reflect an amalgamation of past experiences collected and stored long ago within our subconscious minds.   Freud believed that all of our behaviours were derived from unconscious motivations and that we in fact have … Continue reading

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Fertile Confusion

The road to self-knowledge and personal growth leads to a myriad of discoveries, transformations, concepts, and new ideas.  It is inevitable that periods of confusion will ensue at some point or another along the way.  Confusion can be expressed as two or more … Continue reading

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Stealing From The Here And Now

The process of thinking, or intellection, has always been a significant source of enjoyment for me. From almost as far back as I can remember, I have looked forward to uninterrupted chunks of time where I could simply go into my head and think.  Even … Continue reading

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Letting Go Of The Anger

As I sit at my computer today, I am feeling a deep sense of bitterness, anger and disappointment.  With myself.  Not with my new-found self, but with the self that I owned in my earlier years.  My young adolescent self. The young adolescent self … Continue reading

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Authenticity in humans is no doubt one of the surest measurements of a healthy mental state.  One that has a pureness of clarity, able to distinguish the real from the delusive, striving always for the truth; accepting of reality, accepting of … Continue reading

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Born This Way

We all come into the world already pre-stamped and coded by the genetic predispositions of our ancestors.  We are not given the choice between a), b) or c); it is decided for us.  Personality is only one of the many … Continue reading

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Understanding the Introverted Personality

A dear friend recently sent me the link to a YouTube video that has received over a million hits to date.  I was fascinated by the clip and decided that I wanted to share it with those who are interested in learning … Continue reading

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A few months ago, my department announced that it was having to cut some positions.  The Federal government has always been THE place to work if you were looking for stability.  You couldn’t get fired unless you killed someone; and … Continue reading

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Matters of the Mind

I’ve recently been contemplating the birth and evolution of psychology; the fascinating science that delves into the behaviour and inner processes of the mind of humans – and animals.. Yes, animals.  Think Pavlov and Seligman for example.  Pavlov, the Russian physiologist from … Continue reading

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