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A Balanced Life

So, as some of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted for over a year now (!).  I didn’t make a conscious decision to stop posting, it just happened.   I’m not certain why.  Perhaps I exhausted the subject matter, … Continue reading

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Should I Have a Cup of Coffee, Or Kill Myself?

The title of this blog is meant to be humourous; I feel I should say that right off the bat.  It has nothing to do with a dark state of mind, or a morose desire to end it all.  Despite some … Continue reading

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A Door Closes, A Door Opens

I have been somewhat lucky in my life.  My childhood memories are mostly full of happy times doing normal things that kids do growing up.  It wasn’t perfect; is it ever?  But if I had to start over, I probably wouldn’t change it.  … Continue reading

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The Power of Fear

There is nothing that will put the brakes on major life decisions faster than fear.  FEAR.  It is the one thing that will get in the way of anything new and untried that you might be contemplating.  It doesn’t matter what it … Continue reading

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Affective Forecasting – Feeling Our Way Into The Future

Wouldn’t it be great if we could know ahead of time how we will react emotionally to events happening in the future?   How much easier it would be to make choices and decisions today knowing the impact of those decisions ahead … Continue reading

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The Power of Laughter

Lest I be coming off as too serious in my posts, I decided it was time to write about something a little more light-hearted than my usual fare.  I figure there’s a time for everything in life.  A time to introspect, … Continue reading

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Thinking Good Thoughts – The Power of Perception

I was in a great mood today.  It doesn`t happen all that often.. Most days I am absorbed – I would even say drowning – in all of the intensity my overactive brain can come up with.  I worry about stuff.  I mull … Continue reading

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Let`s All Just Chill – Conquering Irrational Thought

The human animal, unlike the lessor creatures roaming this earth, has exceptional and vast powers of cognition.  We have the unique ability to think and to dream, to remember and imagine, to analyse and synthesize, and to ponder and reflect.   It`s what puts us at the … Continue reading

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