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Maslow : I Accept

One of the most important milestones on the road to self-actualization, in my view, is the notion of acceptance.  Out of the myriad ways one grows and develops in the context of self-actualization, this concept seems to me to be the most life-altering and to have … Continue reading

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A Door Closes, A Door Opens

I have been somewhat lucky in my life.  My childhood memories are mostly full of happy times doing normal things that kids do growing up.  It wasn’t perfect; is it ever?  But if I had to start over, I probably wouldn’t change it.  … Continue reading

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Beautiful in Your Eyes

  I hear your voice, it speaks to me In vain attempt to set me free A voice not His, but the softest hum An angel’s voice, a familiar one  That time has passed, yet still remains The fractured heart … Continue reading

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The Gift of Great Loss

In order to understand the Gift of Great Loss, you have to first appreciate the greatness of the loss. As soon as I was able to wrap my child`s mind around the concept of death, I realized with cold panic … Continue reading

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