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The Real vs The Ideal Self

Have you ever wondered who you really are, deep down inside?  Who really lives and breathes underneath all of the multi-layers of influence projected onto you over the course of your lifetime; molding you, shaping you, and potentially slotting you into a definition of you … Continue reading

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Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Future..

I once read that the concept of time is defined in its simplest form as continuous events following one another.  That it is the distance between events, just as space is the distance between places.  We all just keep moving on a continuum from … Continue reading

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Enmeshed In A Circle, Beginning To End

I lost my mother almost six years ago.  She went quickly and unexpectedly, leaving us all struggling to find our way without her.   It seems incredible to me that it has already been that long since she passed away.   The death of my … Continue reading

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Learned Helplessness – A Matter of Perception

There is a truly fascinating concept in psychology known as Learned Helplessness.  Decades ago, a psychologist by the name of Martin E.P. Seligman conducted experimental tests on animals.  He shocked them repeatedly without giving them any avenues of escape from the trauma.  What he … Continue reading

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My Places In The Sun

We all have our places in the sun.  Those places, things or activities that we love and that give us joy and bring us peace and inner comfort.  Being a fairly extreme introvert, my places in the sun tend to be quiet, reflective … Continue reading

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Personal Boundaries For Healthy Self-Esteem

One of the important markers of healthy self-esteem is the ability to set personal boundaries for yourself – and to maintain them.  Keeping boundaries intact reflects a sense of self strong enough to be able to take a stand against unacceptable behaviour from others.  The limits you … Continue reading

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Dominican Sky

Dominican sky, looming true Cover me, in languid blue Till oceans churn through prisms grey And shadows dance at end of day I strain to reach beyond the night To grasp the mysteries you hold tight Let go, let be; leave me till With steadiness, I hold on, still Then leap and glide across the stars Cast … Continue reading

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The Journey Continues – In Punta Cana

A recent trip to the sunny Caribbean brought me the usual amount of excitement, not all of it the positive sort.  It is normal for me to be stressed about flying, and this time was no different.  Once on our way, and far up into … Continue reading

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