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Fertile Confusion

The road to self-knowledge and personal growth leads to a myriad of discoveries, transformations, concepts, and new ideas.  It is inevitable that periods of confusion will ensue at some point or another along the way.  Confusion can be expressed as two or more … Continue reading

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I`m On My Way (Sitting, by Cat Stevens)

I recently posted the lyrics to the song “Sitting”, by Cat Stevens.  One of my readers asked the question : what is the meaning for you in these words?  Thank you “irishkatie” for asking the question. When I was just a young … Continue reading

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Oh I’m on my way I know I am, Somewhere not so far from here All I know is all I feel right now, I feel the power growing in my hair Sitting on my own not by myself, Everybody’s here with … Continue reading

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All That Glitters

There are two particularly diametric personalities in this world – each having its own unique worth, and each providing a life experience very different from the other; the inward-focussed, (aka introverts), and the outward-focussed (aka extraverts).  I am not here … Continue reading

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A Door Closes, A Door Opens

I have been somewhat lucky in my life.  My childhood memories are mostly full of happy times doing normal things that kids do growing up.  It wasn’t perfect; is it ever?  But if I had to start over, I probably wouldn’t change it.  … Continue reading

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Beautiful in Your Eyes

  I hear your voice, it speaks to me In vain attempt to set me free A voice not His, but the softest hum An angel’s voice, a familiar one  That time has passed, yet still remains The fractured heart … Continue reading

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Enmeshed In A Circle, Beginning To End

I lost my mother almost six years ago.  She went quickly and unexpectedly, leaving us all struggling to find our way without her.   It seems incredible to me that it has already been that long since she passed away.   The death of my … Continue reading

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Learned Helplessness – A Matter of Perception

There is a truly fascinating concept in psychology known as Learned Helplessness.  Decades ago, a psychologist by the name of Martin E.P. Seligman conducted experimental tests on animals.  He shocked them repeatedly without giving them any avenues of escape from the trauma.  What he … Continue reading

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Thinking Good Thoughts – The Power of Perception

I was in a great mood today.  It doesn`t happen all that often.. Most days I am absorbed – I would even say drowning – in all of the intensity my overactive brain can come up with.  I worry about stuff.  I mull … Continue reading

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The Wind

I wish to run into the wind To greet the sky and kiss the rain Let go my soul, in time begin To see the light, be free again; To feel the warmth, and hear no sound Let go the … Continue reading

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