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Matters of the Mind

I’ve recently been contemplating the birth and evolution of psychology; the fascinating science that delves into the behaviour and inner processes of the mind of humans – and animals.. Yes, animals.  Think Pavlov and Seligman for example.  Pavlov, the Russian physiologist from … Continue reading

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Should I Have a Cup of Coffee, Or Kill Myself?

The title of this blog is meant to be humourous; I feel I should say that right off the bat.  It has nothing to do with a dark state of mind, or a morose desire to end it all.  Despite some … Continue reading

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Introverted and Inspired

I chose the beautiful Chateau picture above because it beckons me to step inside and walk it’s wide open halls. I can feel the grandness of the space, imagine its history, sense its coolness. I don’t live in any such … Continue reading

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