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Let me slip beneath the surface of your skin Take cover there; safe and sound And bound to you Allow me a small space Within the gentle contours of your heart And let me sleep there in peace, and dream Lay … Continue reading

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Beautiful in Your Eyes

  I hear your voice, it speaks to me In vain attempt to set me free A voice not His, but the softest hum An angel’s voice, a familiar one  That time has passed, yet still remains The fractured heart … Continue reading

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Dominican Sky

Dominican sky, looming true Cover me, in languid blue Till oceans churn through prisms grey And shadows dance at end of day I strain to reach beyond the night To grasp the mysteries you hold tight Let go, let be; leave me till With steadiness, I hold on, still Then leap and glide across the stars Cast … Continue reading

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The Wind

I wish to run into the wind To greet the sky and kiss the rain Let go my soul, in time begin To see the light, be free again; To feel the warmth, and hear no sound Let go the … Continue reading

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