The Power of Fear

There is nothing that will put the brakes on major life decisions faster than fearFEAR.  It is the one thing that will get in the way of anything new and untried that you might be contemplating.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  It could be changing jobs, or careers; moving to a new place, going back to school, or trying something new and different.  But fear is one of those emotions that gets right in your face.  It rattles you, promotes anxiety, makes you sweat, makes you second guess yourself and basically acts as a party pooper to your dreams and aspirations.

I am very familiar with fear; I know it well.  It has been my unwelcome companion for many years.  It is close by my side when I fly, when I am alone in my home at night, when I am running down an isolated path, when I walk to my car in the parking garage, when I contemplate returning to school, or anytime I imagine my life any different than it is today.  I don’t know where the fear comes from and I don’t remember when I first encountered it in my life.  But I have come to know it well.  It has become my annoying barometer for anything new and different in my life.  It has too much power over me, and quite frankly, it is a pain in the a..

The thing with fear is that it can sometimes have no idea about the reality of the situation.  It is often a false and unjustified emotion which simply has no basis in reality.  It is, with certain exceptions, an irrational concept.  I say certain exceptions because fear does have a proper place in our existence.  It is a valuable emotion that evolution has ingrained in us for a purpose.  It is there to alert us to imminent danger and protect us from harm.   It brings to our attention things that we need to avoid in order to be safe.

But for some of us, it gets a bit carried away.  It takes center stage when it needs to stay on the side lines.  It has way too much power and it uses it to keep us from taking the steps we need to take when we are venturing forward on our journey towards self-actualization.

The road to self-actualization is not an easy road to take.  It is full of uncertainties, questions, and deliberations.  It requires us to climb the mountain until we reach our  abyss and then it asks us to leap into the dark, with nothing but our trust.   And fear knows this and will take advantage of it.  But if you are truly inspired to make your way on your journey and you are facing real growth, you will need to find a way to make peace with the fear.  It is truly the only barrier that will stop you from moving forward.

If your dreams and aspirations are important to you, and you feel it in your gut that the path you are on is the right one, then you must find a way to tell that fear to back off.  Find a way to take that fear and put it in its proper place, for safekeeping, for those times that it is needed and appreciated and useful.  But in reality, in our everyday lives, it takes way too much space than it deserves.  And we need to be aware of that, and understand it, so as not to give it the power to freeze us into submission, when we know, in our hearts, the right path ahead.

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6 Responses to The Power of Fear

  1. miche123 says:

    That’s so true. It’s the only thing that gets in the way. When I’m fearful/anxious about something and I feel it’s holding me back, I picture a dial where I can manipulate the strength of these feelings. Up, down, that type of thing. I like to imagine that I can turn down the volume dial so that my fear fades into the background and my other feelings/thoughts are paramount!

    • lthibault11 says:

      Wow, I love that imagery! I am going to try that – we “high sensitives” need all the help we can get to find ways to curb the strength of our emotions/feelings. Thanks for that!


      • miche123 says:

        Excellent! Here’s to turning down the volume and living a life free of fear. (Unless we have lions chasing us, cause then we may need to fear. Yes?)

      • lthibault11 says:

        Lol! Indeed there is a time and a place for everything..including fear. Especially when we are being chased by lions, or bears, or big mean dogs..

    • lthibault11 says:

      Wow, I love that imagery! I am going to try that – we “high sensitives” need all the help we can get to find ways to curb the strength of our emotions/feelings. Thanks for that!


  2. lthibault11 says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it.

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