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The Challenge of Existing

Life is not always a bowl of cherries, especially for those endowed with high sensitivity.  It`s not that we don`t see the greatness of it, on the contrary, we sensitives tend to absorb life and all it entails in a most intense … Continue reading

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Aversion To Introversion

One of the challenges I face in trying to live my life being true to who I am is society`s tiresome aversion to the personality trait of introversion.  With the majority being on the extraverted side of the personality spectrum, … Continue reading

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A Song I Am Loving Today; Sam Roberts` I Feel You – Click on title for a listen..

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Step Into My World

I often wonder what it would be like to step into someone else`s shoes for a moment.   To see what the world looks like through their eyes, experience their inner landscape, and eavesdrop on their thoughts.  Or similarily, to have someone enter my world … Continue reading

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Are You For Real? Being Authentic In An Inauthentic World

It`s not easy being real in a world that constantly pressures you to be just like everyone else.  It takes a certain amount of courage to show your true colours in a society that does not generally value the different shades and nuances in personalities … Continue reading

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Let`s All Just Chill – Conquering Irrational Thought

The human animal, unlike the lessor creatures roaming this earth, has exceptional and vast powers of cognition.  We have the unique ability to think and to dream, to remember and imagine, to analyse and synthesize, and to ponder and reflect.   It`s what puts us at the … Continue reading

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