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I Feel Therefore I Am

I have noticed a trend emerging lately that seems to covet the theory of the highly sensitive person (HSP).  Dr. Elaine Aron has written several books about those individuals that seem to come into the world owning a very different kind of nervous system, resulting in higher sensitivity than most … Continue reading

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Christmas – The Day After

I must say that Boxing Day is my favourite day of the holiday season; probably because it`s the day after Christmas :).   After, being the operative word here.  For some people it`s the day to go visit family members that they didn`t get to … Continue reading

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Remembering To Not Forget

The other day as I peered into a rarely used kitchen cabinet searching for God knows what, I came face to face with a stack of sterilized cotton pads, bandages, peroxide, straws and styrofoam cups, and, whoosh, was instantly sucked back three years in time.  The medical supplies were just … Continue reading

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The Concept of Flow – Csikszentmihalyi

There is a fascinating concept/phenomenon in psychology that I have experienced many, many times over the years, but have only come to fully understand recently, thanks to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a Hungarian psychologist renowned for his study of creativity and happiness, … Continue reading

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Introverted Rebel with a Cause and the Holiday Season

There is nothing that will put disdain in the heart of a true introvert more quickly than the fast approaching holiday season.  Everything about this holiday goes against the grain of the inward focussed; those who prefer to find fulfillment and peace … Continue reading

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