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A Lesson For The Living

The truly important things in life are not necessarily the things that we strive for.  The paradox of course is that “life” tends to get in the way of living.  We keep ourselves busy running around day after day doing those things that we think … Continue reading

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My Father, Pierre

As I sit here contemplating Father’s Day, I realize the impact my father has had in my life and how grateful I am for the many lessons he has taught me.   My dad has been walking this earth for quite a long time … Continue reading

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Beautiful in Your Eyes

  I hear your voice, it speaks to me In vain attempt to set me free A voice not His, but the softest hum An angel’s voice, a familiar one  That time has passed, yet still remains The fractured heart … Continue reading

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The Power of Laughter

Lest I be coming off as too serious in my posts, I decided it was time to write about something a little more light-hearted than my usual fare.  I figure there’s a time for everything in life.  A time to introspect, … Continue reading

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The Gold Below Still Waters

Several years ago I worked with someone who, when I first met him, was incredibly quiet and who kept to himself most of the time.  He only spoke if you spoke to him first, and then you had to give him … Continue reading

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Heading Towards Maslow`s Summit – Taking Stock

It’s a good idea to take stock of where you are at in your journey every once in a while, if only to reassure yourself that you are indeed moving up and forward, and not in circles, or God forbid, backwards.  … Continue reading

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Step Away From My Bubble

I am hugely protective of, and I have to say, somewhat selfish about my bubble time.  My need for thinking and introspection is very strong.  More than most I would think.  In fact, I can literally feel physical and emotional distress when life … Continue reading

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Out Of The Bubble – What??

Originally posted on stepIntomyworld:
If there is one thing an introvert does very well, it’s to hyper-focus for long periods of time.  Deep within the bubble, the cognitive wheels turn smoothly and continuously, catching, absorbing and processing all the nuances…

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