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I`m On My Way (Sitting, by Cat Stevens)

I recently posted the lyrics to the song “Sitting”, by Cat Stevens.  One of my readers asked the question : what is the meaning for you in these words?  Thank you “irishkatie” for asking the question. When I was just a young … Continue reading

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A Lesson For The Living

The truly important things in life are not necessarily the things that we strive for.  The paradox of course is that “life” tends to get in the way of living.  We keep ourselves busy running around day after day doing those things that we think … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Existing

Life is not always a bowl of cherries, especially for those endowed with high sensitivity.  It`s not that we don`t see the greatness of it, on the contrary, we sensitives tend to absorb life and all it entails in a most intense … Continue reading

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