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It Was Foggy And We Came To A Field of Horses…

This gorgeous picture was taken by my sister who, with two friends, is currently walking the El Camino Santiago in Spain, something I have dreamed of doing for years.  They will be walking for five weeks through beautiful Spanish country-side, … Continue reading

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A Balanced Life

So, as some of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted for over a year now (!).  I didn’t make a conscious decision to stop posting, it just happened.   I’m not certain why.  Perhaps I exhausted the subject matter, … Continue reading

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Stealing From The Here And Now

The process of thinking, or intellection, has always been a significant source of enjoyment for me. From almost as far back as I can remember, I have looked forward to uninterrupted chunks of time where I could simply go into my head and think.  Even … Continue reading

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A few months ago, my department announced that it was having to cut some positions.  The Federal government has always been THE place to work if you were looking for stability.  You couldn’t get fired unless you killed someone; and … Continue reading

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Matters of the Mind

I’ve recently been contemplating the birth and evolution of psychology; the fascinating science that delves into the behaviour and inner processes of the mind of humans – and animals.. Yes, animals.  Think Pavlov and Seligman for example.  Pavlov, the Russian physiologist from … Continue reading

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Should I Have a Cup of Coffee, Or Kill Myself?

The title of this blog is meant to be humourous; I feel I should say that right off the bat.  It has nothing to do with a dark state of mind, or a morose desire to end it all.  Despite some … Continue reading

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Oh I’m on my way I know I am, Somewhere not so far from here All I know is all I feel right now, I feel the power growing in my hair Sitting on my own not by myself, Everybody’s here with … Continue reading

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Something About The Rain

As I sit on my window seat watching and listening to the rain fall I am completely overcome by a sense of utter peacefulness.   A serene calmness of the purest form that wraps itself around me without fail, without expectations and without … Continue reading

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I Am An Introvert – Read My Mind

I, like most introverts, love to write.   Give me any subject and I`ll research it and write about it.  Easy peasy.  When I was in school, I used to love english composition class because on Fridays the teacher would give … Continue reading

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Paying Attention To The Here and Now

My sister and I decided to go for a hike in the Gatineau Park this morning.  We are very lucky to live so close to the Park with its rich ecosystems, wild life, and truly amazing vistas.  We ended up at … Continue reading

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