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Something About The Rain

As I sit on my window seat watching and listening to the rain fall I am completely overcome by a sense of utter peacefulness.   A serene calmness of the purest form that wraps itself around me without fail, without expectations and without … Continue reading

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A Wedding, A Reception, And An Introvert

I had a hugely busy few days a couple of weeks ago.  As a hard-core introvert, I generally work really hard to keep my calendar free of big social events whenever possible..  There is nothing like seeing a blank calendar, free … Continue reading

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The Power of Laughter

Lest I be coming off as too serious in my posts, I decided it was time to write about something a little more light-hearted than my usual fare.  I figure there’s a time for everything in life.  A time to introspect, … Continue reading

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My Places In The Sun

We all have our places in the sun.  Those places, things or activities that we love and that give us joy and bring us peace and inner comfort.  Being a fairly extreme introvert, my places in the sun tend to be quiet, reflective … Continue reading

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