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Fertile Confusion

The road to self-knowledge and personal growth leads to a myriad of discoveries, transformations, concepts, and new ideas.  It is inevitable that periods of confusion will ensue at some point or another along the way.  Confusion can be expressed as two or more … Continue reading

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Personal Boundaries For Healthy Self-Esteem

One of the important markers of healthy self-esteem is the ability to set personal boundaries for yourself – and to maintain them.  Keeping boundaries intact reflects a sense of self strong enough to be able to take a stand against unacceptable behaviour from others.  The limits you … Continue reading

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Remembering To Not Forget

The other day as I peered into a rarely used kitchen cabinet searching for God knows what, I came face to face with a stack of sterilized cotton pads, bandages, peroxide, straws and styrofoam cups, and, whoosh, was instantly sucked back three years in time.  The medical supplies were just … Continue reading

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