Thinking Good Thoughts – The Power of Perception

I was in a great mood today.  It doesn`t happen all that often.. Most days I am absorbed – I would even say drowning – in all of the intensity my overactive brain can come up with.  I worry about stuff.  I mull things over and over, and over.  Little things that would totally bypass most people`s radar, I latch onto.  I don`t aspire to do this, it just happens.  And I am not one to generally take things in stride; I just don`t.  Today however, I managed to do just that.  I drove into work noticing that everything was humming pleasantly around me.  It felt like the world – my world  – was in perfect alignment; in smooth harmony with my internal landscape, a perfect, comfortable fit.  My surroundings were in clear focus; my thoughts were calm, positive, and happy.  No worries about the future, no qualms about the present, no regrets about the past.  Wow.  What happened?  What the hell is going on here? 

It`s not to say that I am a naturally negative person, on the contrary, but I am intense, and it`s hard for me most days to just go with the flow and enjoy life as it comes.  I am designed to seek out the most minute irritants in life, and mentally blow them out of proportion.  That`s just who I am 🙂  I accept it.   So what changed overnight that made me feel so buoyant today, so spirited and so energized

My cynical self first assumed that I might be coming down with a migraine headache.  Pre-migraine auras often tease you with euphoric feelings just before the pain blasts you away.  But…so far so good – no migraine.  Was I more refreshed?  Did I get a better night`s sleep?  Don`t think so.  Is it because of an upcoming trip to the sunny Caribbean?  You might think so.  But in my case, a fear of flying should be wreaking havoc with my state of mind.  It wouldn`t be normal for me to be excited about an upcoming flight, it just wouldn`t.  So I ask myself, what`s up?

I ask the question, but I already know the answer.  It`s simple.  I made a decision to try to see things in a positive light.  As soon as I focussed on the positives instead of the negatives my outlook changed.  You might think it`s a gimmick; a cheap trick of the mind, but in fact, it is a very powerful tool of perception.  And perception is everything.  It`s the reason why some days you see the glass half empty and on other days you see it half full.  Nothing has changed, the facts before you are the same.  You are still the same person with the same life, the same job, the same relationships, etc, but it`s the way you choose to see things that makes the difference between being in a good place, and being in a bad place.  It`s simple, yet its everything.

Unfortunately, like everything worth having in life, it takes effort.  You must put forth energy to turn your mind to the positive, rather than the negative.  And there is always a positive to be found if you look for it.  You might have to search a little; use your imagination, and perhaps let go of ingrained beliefs, but it`s there for the taking, if you want it.  There is no other way to explain why some days we feel energized and positive, while other days we feel drained and negative in the presence of the same constants in our lives.

Today was an important lesson learned on my journey towards self-actualization; the realization that the mind is a most formidable and powerful vehicle for change.  And, more importantly, that the power is available to us all if we choose it.  There is great comfort in the simplicity of that knowledge, I think.

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4 Responses to Thinking Good Thoughts – The Power of Perception

  1. Nina Renee says:

    So true. I’m a pretty intense person myself, so one thing I started doing last year was smiling for no reason. It’s become a habit, and not only do I get smiles from strangers, but I feel more positive about life in general. Happiness really is all in your mind!

    • lthibault11 says:

      It’s apparently “scientifically” proven that smiling actually improves your mood. I’m also here to attest that it does indeed have a positive impact! Thanks for commenting.

    • lthibault11 says:

      Hi Nina. I received notification of your latest posting. As I went to comment, I noticed it was no longer there. Did you retract it? I was astounded by what you wrote and sorry you had to go through that.

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