Something About The Rain

As I sit on my window seat watching and listening to the rain fall I am completely overcome by a sense of utter peacefulness.   A serene calmness of the purest form that wraps itself around me without fail, without expectations and without comparison.  I adore the rain; I always have.

And I don’t discriminate.  I love all of the different types of rain; each one having it’s own personality and it’s own mood.   And it really is so much about mood isn’t it?   A soft morning rain falling gently prolongs the cover of night and beckons me to linger in my dreams.   It lets me enjoy my cup of coffee with no strings attached, no obligations to run off somewhere.  It allows me to just be, here and now.

And then there is the rain that comes at night, rapping against my window, lulling me into a sublime sense of peace and comfort, taking me effortlessly to that place where I can evaporate into another dimension until the morning light nudges me back to life..

I also love those hot and humid evening summer nights when I can hear the thunder approaching from a distance.  There is a calm and strange electricity in the air just before the wind picks up.  It’s exhilirating and exciting to me.  Usually there is a hope that the rain will bring cooler weather, but it’s hit and miss.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes the rain only brings more humidity.  Either way, the anticipation is always great.

I often wonder why it is that I have such a love for the moodier side of nature.  The rain, the mists, the early morning fog over a tranquil lake, the crazy lightening and thunder storms, I love all of it.  Anything that provokes a mood, I’m there.

I have thought much about this and I realize that my father has much to do with it.  My father, like me, loves the rain.   Sometimes when I was a child, we would be camping and of course, it would rain..  Instead of being upset about the rain, my father would wax philosophically about the beauty of nature, à la Voltaire.  If a rain storm was heading our way, he would remind us to listen to the thunder coming from a distance; listen to it..  and I would..  He would remind us of the replenishing value of rain, the beauty of nature, the calmness that came with the sound of the rain falling on the roof.  I was paying attention!  I got it and still do to this day.  As I write and listen to the rain, I am reminded of all of the things my father told me.  I understand what he was talking about.

I have another theory about my love of the rain.  I think it is related to my personality trait of introversion.  When it’s sunny out, there is an expectation of happiness and energy, and getting stuff done that needs to be done.  A sunny day gives you no excuse; there is an obligation to get out there and do what needs to get done.  You must be happy and you must have fun.  There’s alot of pressure..

It is easy to love life when the sun is shining down on you, but it is even more fullfilling, I think, when you can find peace and comfort on a solitary rainy day.  If you can dance in the rain, nothing will get in your way.  You can do anything.

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13 Responses to Something About The Rain

  1. Overwhelmed By Joy says:

    I woke to the sound of rain and immediately thought ‘What a beautiful sound!’

  2. Zen Greenway says:

    Like you, I am happy to know that there is someone else who loves rain. I used to work at the public library in high school and the sound of the rain on the roof was like a blanket I could wrap my brain in. I have always preferred rainy days to sunny ones for precisely the reasons you state. Everything seems quieter when the sun and moon are hidden. I particularly like overcast days when the clouds are textured and heavy. Instant bubble time! In fact, it’s like suddenly my bubble has expanded to encompass the world and I am free to walk around without disturbing the inner me.

    • lthibault11 says:

      I agree with everything you say; spoken like a true introvert with a philosophical bent, lol. Really nicely said. I just heard on the radio that it’s supposed to rain tonight, continuing into tomorrow with thunder storms. While that would disappoint most people, it actually made me feel serene and happy. Go figure. I also love heavy, textured, stormy clouds. I often take pics but they never turn out to my satisfaction…I’ll keep trying though, lol


      • Zen Greenway says:

        I’m jealous! I always secretly clap my hands when it’s going to storm for awhile. Maybe you could paint some clouds? I know I’d love to see that.

      • lthibault11 says:

        You might just have inspired me to start painting again. It`s been awhile.. The rain is just starting as I type this, and I can hear soft thunder in the distance. Sorry to make you jealous! lol What`s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

    • lthibault11 says:

      Interesting comment you make about expanding your bubble to allow more room and less disturbance to your inner landscape. I can totally relate to that imagery.

  3. Anonymous says:

    we are so alike. people who adoring rain seem have similiar personality 🙂

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