Out Of The Bubble – What??


If there is one thing an introvert does very well, it’s to hyper-focus for long periods of time.  Deep within the bubble, the cognitive wheels turn smoothly and continuously, catching, absorbing and processing all the nuances of the task at hand. Depending on the level of interest, hours may go by where we are so caught up in our thought process we may as well be on another planet or in another dimension, so far removed are we from the outside environment. I call this going into the bubble because that`s what it feels like to me.

The bubble is a great place to be for the introvert. It`s warm and cozy, quiet and calm; the perfect environment for deep thought. It`s also the perfect place to go when the chaos of the outer-world starts to feel abrasive. We all need to escape once in a while and people do this…

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