Step Away From My Bubble

I am hugely protective of, and I have to say, somewhat selfish about my bubble time.  My need for thinking and introspection is very strong.  More than most I would think.  In fact, I can literally feel physical and emotional distress when life does not allow me adequate uninterrupted time to sequester within my bubble and close the door – tightly; and lock it, twice.  If it wasn’t for the risk of being labeled, and most likely not in a good way.., I might be tempted to slap a “do not disturb” sticker on my forehead.  But that might be going a bit too far… 

This is not a simple desire for isolation.  It is an absolute necessity if I am to function as a normal human being in any acceptable manner.   Part of the reason I am so compelled to visit my bubble is my need to find answers to all of the why’s floating around in my headspace.  I walk around my inner sanctum – my secret garden – and it inspires and helps me to see things more clearly, to envision unexpected possibilities, and to come to decisions on a myriad of issues.  Insight often visits during these moments (or hours) of reflection and I am able to visualize solutions that might otherwise have been unavailable to me.     

It seems that not only am I an introvert of the fairly extreme kind, I am an introvert who needs to know the answer to every possible question that might pop into my head.  And there are so many.  Not one to be satisfied with a superficial response, I will delve deeply and I will reach widely to seek the answers to my why’s.   My warm little bubble gives me the space, the quiet, and the time needed for this.  And as an added bonus, my bubble will thoroughly re-charge my introvert batteries so that I can regain the energy to be somewhat productive in my daily life..

Anyone trying to disrupt my bubble time will learn very quickly that it is probably not a good idea and that whatever it is they wanted can surely wait..  Otherwise, interrupt at your own risk 😉

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6 Responses to Step Away From My Bubble

  1. I also require a significant amount of alone time and that is when I think…widely, deeply, and am intensely curious:) I so relate to this blog post! You’re a wonderful writer, with a very lyrical style…

    • lthibault11 says:

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comment. I am really enjoying your blog as well. I see you have looked into Csikszentmihalyi`s Flow State. Isn`t it interesting? I love that stuff. I tend to have a creative side and have experienced flow many, many times. It fascinates me.


  2. Zen Greenway says:

    Just last night I went into the bedroom, closed the door, turned on the AC (more for the noise than the temperature), and shut everything out. I knew I had to do this or I would be completely useless for the foreseeable future. Now I know what to call it. Bubble time!

    • lthibault11 says:

      Lol! I do that all the time. Anyone who knows me has no choice but to accept that I need my bubble time. Funny. Thanks for commenting. I get the AC noise thing too.


  3. SynthesistChronicles says:

    Like the other commenters, I too can relate to this very much. I have a need for introspection coupled with a need-to-know-the-answers that finds solace in alone time, especially if that time is spent reading or doing research. Interestingly, I think our culture honors this need in men more than it does women. Pop culture makes multiple references to men needing a “man cave” where they can go to “be alone and unwind”, but rarely have I every heard pop culture mention respect for a woman’s need to be alone and unwind. This is something that I have to contemplate now. Thank you for the insight!

    • lthibault11 says:

      I am not certain that men actually spend time doing alot of introspecting in their man caves..! I think maybe they like to get away for other reasons…like football, soccer, or hockey maybe!! lol. To each his own. I agree that our culture tends to value men`s academic pursuits more than it does women`s. Hopefully, that is changing. In the meantime, we all have a right to some space of our own to do with whatever we choose. Thanks for commenting.


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