The Journey Continues – In Punta Cana

A recent trip to the sunny Caribbean brought me the usual amount of excitement, not all of it the positive sort.  It is normal for me to be stressed about flying, and this time was no different.  Once on our way, and far up into the sky, I eventually let go of any kind of pseudo control I pretended to own, and put my life squarely into the hands of a human being I knew absolutely nothing about.  When there is no way to change or control a situation you are left with no choice, – none – but to accept it.   And so that`s what I did.  I buried my fear in my back pocket, and did my best to forget where I was.  Not an easy task when the monitor in front of me insisted on keeping a running tab of our speed and altitude.  The speed; very fast, and the altitude; very very high, fairly interrupted my illusion.  Not appreciated, I must say.  I`m never sure which is worse; the take-off or the landing.  I guess that`s because I despise them equally.   The blanket of night is always a slight blessing when you are about to land since you can`t see anything.  But then there`s that monitor making sure I keep well informed, again and again..  

The holiday was good and soon the time came to climb aboard our return flight.   But wait; a glitch..  Suddenly, the boards showed a 70 minute delay for our flight.  Suddenly, a monsoon appeared.    And suddenly, sensationalist stories about all manner of potential catastrophes abounded and surrounded me.  What is it with French Canadians (ok, I am one of them :)), with their hyper exaggerations of impending doom?   This I did not need.  My over-active and phobic brain is quite capable of conjuring up its own list of little horrors.  One couple had us stranded at the airport until the next day (due to the “monsoon”).   Another said we would be re-directed to Toronto, as Montreal airport was closed due to bad weather.  Still others said the delay was much longer than we were being told.  There were even stories of our situation being reported on the 10:00 news..what??

I pondered all of this, deconstructing each supposed disaster.  Hadn`t it rained just as hard yesterday and the day before?  No talk of monsoons then.  Hadn`t I checked Montreal`s weather that very morning?  Nothing out of the ordinary.  And a 70 minute flight delay, although very annoying, hardly seemed extreme.. 

Of course the “monsoon” cleared within an hour, the plane arrived as advertised, and we flew directly to Montreal.  No disasters, no doom, no drama.

I find it all very interesting and like most situations in life, there was a lesson to be learned.  What did I learn from this?  That when you are embarking on a journey, you must never listen to the negativity of others who likely do not understand.  They may try to change the direction of your destination or worse yet, attempt to instill fear and doubt.  You need only listen to your own voice and it will guide you through your journey.  It can be trusted.

How`s that for turning a flight delay into a life lesson about the journey towards self-actualization 🙂  

Happy travels!

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2 Responses to The Journey Continues – In Punta Cana

  1. AN says:

    Love you post, as usual 🙂 I completely agree on putting aside the negativity and to listening to your inner voice – intuition or “gut feeling” is something that everyone experiments with at some point in time – it’s part of life. There have been times where I have doubted my capabilities or have talked myself out of doing something because I allowed the negative comments of others become my own inner critic. On the flipside, there have also been times where I have been talked into doing things I didn’t necessarily want to do because of the pressure of others. I find that trusting your intuition is a learned behaviour and is one that comes with practice. Learning to embrace and trust you inner voice is quite empowering if you ask me! It has been difficult for me at times to separate my inner voice from that of my inner critic but I can say that trusting my inner voice and “shutting off” the negative voices of others has helped me make decisions that I am content with.

    • lthibault11 says:

      Learning to listen to your own inner voice, and most importantly TRUSTING that inner voice is one of the most important steps towards personal growth that you can take. It looks like you are well on your way! Always remember that only you can know your own feelings. I love that you are reading and commenting. Thanks so much AN!!!

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