Christmas – The Day After

I must say that Boxing Day is my favourite day of the holiday season; probably because it`s the day after Christmas :).   After, being the operative word here.  For some people it`s the day to go visit family members that they didn`t get to see on Christmas day or Christmas Eve.  For those seduced by huge mark-downs who are courageous enough to battle mega crowds of people, it`s an all-out shopping palooza.   For me, it`s the one day that I will sleep in, when I normally never sleep in, or the day that I might watch a movie in the afternoon, when I never watch movies in the afternoon.  In other words, it`s a lazy hazy day to do whatever I want to do.   The pressure is finally off. 

Being a fairly extreme introvert, I tend to find myself drained after alot of socializing.  And to me, two days in a row of socializing is ALOT.  Not to even mention all of the pre-holiday stuff that goes on weeks before the “big day”.  Having my family over for Christmas dinner is always fun, and .. stimulating, but, as much as I am thrilled to see them, (and I truly am), it`s never very long before I find myself itching for some alone time.  I can`t help it.   I have come to accept that I was just not put on this earth to be a social butterfly, and finally, after all these years, I am good with that. 

Another thing I like about the day after Christmas, other than the fact that it`s the day after Christmas.., is that you finally have the chance to examine and evaluate all the loot you got.  Things have usually quieted down so you can sit and read the instructions on your new GPS, and you can try stuff on and see what fits and what doesn`t.  And then – if you`re not lucky, you get to go back to the store to exchange it. 

Going to the mall on Boxing Day is, well, there is no describing it really.  As I walked against the traffic flow of hundreds of frenzied shoppers, I had a vision of salmon swimming upstream, propelling themselves forward with all of their might, bodies battering against each other, eyes popping, oblivious of their surroundings, with only one goal in mind.  These people obviously knew where they were all going, however, lacking the shopping gene, I wasn`t with the program.  It seems I was going the wrong way on a one way.  And it was fairly scary.  I made it out just in time.

I am amazed at the tenacity of these people, many of whom lined-up for hours just to have the opportunity to get into a store and buy something marked-down.  I really hope it was worth it. 

So, lounging around the day after Christmas?  Fun.  Hitting the mall to return stuff; clearly not my bag (no pun intended), but to each his own.

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