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Inner Conflict as a Path to Higher Development : Part I

I have often referred to and written about the Theory of Positive Disintegration by Kazimierz Dabrowski on this blog.  His is a theory about the process of personal development that I  can strongly relate to in a real and significant way.  But rather … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Existing

Life is not always a bowl of cherries, especially for those endowed with high sensitivity.  It`s not that we don`t see the greatness of it, on the contrary, we sensitives tend to absorb life and all it entails in a most intense … Continue reading

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I Feel Therefore I Am

I have noticed a trend emerging lately that seems to covet the theory of the highly sensitive person (HSP).  Dr. Elaine Aron has written several books about those individuals that seem to come into the world owning a very different kind of nervous system, resulting in higher sensitivity than most … Continue reading

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Dabrowski`s Over-Excitabilities – Defined

There are people who come into this world programmed to experience life on a very different sensory level than others.  Through no fault or special circumstance of their own, their central nervous systems are wired to experience stronger emotions, more intense feelings, and deeper … Continue reading

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Too Much Noise

I grew up in a large family full of loud, boisterous, and passionate personalities.  Talented artists and musicians who didn`t hesitate to express themselves, not only through art and music, but vocally as well, each fighting to be heard until the symphonious chatter would … Continue reading

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The Notion of Self-Actualization

Today I wish to speak my mind on two theories on self-actualization that I`ve come across; what I believe they mean, where the notion comes from, and the theories in psychology that speak to them.   The first that comes to mind of course is Abraham … Continue reading

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