Face the Fear

For years now, my sister has been asking, encouraging, and cajoling me to participate in various border-line crazy hazy activities with her.  She is the adventuresome one in the family.  She wasn`t always like this, but after experiencing some difficult life changes, she decided that she wanted to go after life, rather than have it come to her.  So there were many, many occasions over the last several years where she invited me to do stuff with her.  My robotic, auto-pilot, uninspired response was always no thanks.  Why?  Well because I just don`t do that.   But why?  Well, just because.  I don`t know..

To her credit, she never gave up on me.  Then one day, she asked again and I couldn`t come up with a reason why I shouldn`t.  So I did.  I joined her for a day of zip-lining in the woods, flying from tree to tree and over a deep rugged canyon roaring with white swirling water.   I went with her and my other sister.  The three sistas.  It was sooooo much fun.

I didn`t actually know I had a fear of heights until I found myself perched on a platform 30 feet in the air waiting to throw myself off with nothing but a little hook to keep me from dropping to the ground like a rock.  Clearly, this was the moment I was going to be forced to face my fear.  And just like in life when you might find yourself having to make a decision to move forward, stay where you are, or God forbid, go backward, I chose to go forward – with gusto.  I propelled myself over that platform, eyes wide open, heart between my teeth, hoping for the best, but accepting the possibility of the worst.   The thing is, once you go for it and attack your fear, it ceases to have any power over you.  You have squarely faced it and have witnessed the worst it has to offer.  When you see that you have survived, you know that you have won and you are, from that moment, forever changed and forever empowered.

After climbing through the forest to reach the uppermost platform, I was determined to conquer the “big one”.   The zip-line that would carry me across the widest and highest part of the canyon.   I was given the choice to either walk off the platform or run and jump – I chose to run.  It was the single, most inspiring adrenelin rush of my life.  I safely reached the other side with no regrets, and a burning desire to climb right back down and do it all over again.  I highly recommend it.  Just make sure you have all your “papers” in order, and that you have thanked your loved ones for all they have done for you… 🙂

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