Spread Your Wings and Fly

There are innumerable obstacles on the road to self-actualization, not the least of which is the resistance we feel from others.   Sometimes the resistance comes from those that are closest to us.  And it’s understandable – to some degree.  Once we begin to grow, expand our horizons, and discover our strengths and our potential, we are overcome by a powerful desire to spread our wings and fly.   We want to take off in the direction of our passions, full-speed ahead; exhilarated and driven to be the best that we can be.  We have stepped out of our former uncomfortable, ill-fitting skin, and have redesigned a new one; one that recognizes and accommodates our newly defined Self and is a better fit.   

For those looking on from the side-lines this can be a disturbing and frightening metamorphosis to witness.   Standing at the foot of the mountain, they no longer recognize the person they used to know.   Yet they are not ready to start climbing that mountain and join you in the journey. 

This is a common occurrence for those seeking personal growth and travelling the road to self-actualization and it’s why the journey is most often a lonely one.  It’s a sad and unfortunate truth that we cannot implant the desire to grow into others.  All we can do is try to be open about where we are at, and where we are trying to go.  Retreating back down the mountain is rarely an option no matter what the consequences of continuing the journey might be.   Once you have caught a glimpse of the light, no matter how distant, there is no going back.  Just as you can’t unring a bell, you can’t unsee what you have now seen.  The possibilities are forever etched into your soul. 

We all have the right to strive for the best in ourselves.  To reach beyond the ordinary and push forward towards the attainment of our own excellence – whatever that might be.  To see the great majestic summit on the horizon and to spread our wings and fly, freely and unencumbered over ancient deep blue seas, guided by the warmth of the everlasting sun.  

Photo Link :  http://devotions4misfits.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/fly-in-the-face-of-death/

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2 Responses to Spread Your Wings and Fly

  1. Nina Renee says:

    The people closest to us really do have a hard time accepting our change. I’ve lost several friends on my own journey toward truth and self-actualization. Luckily, the important people have stuck with me and have inspired me to grow, even they don’t always understand.

    • lthibault11 says:

      It`s one of those things that is really difficult for people to understand unless they are going through it. You can talk about it all you want, but all they see is the person they once knew becoming someone different. And that`s disconcerting for many. I`m sorry to hear you have lost some friends along the way. No doubt you will make new ones as you continue on your journey. Good luck.


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