Shifting – The Stops and Starts of Personal Growth

The journey towards self-actualization, or any kind of personal growth, does not generally follow a straight line.  The road travelled will have dips and twists, and unexpected turns.  Just when you think you are on a roll, moving forward and upward, something suddenly gets in your way, and back down you go, two or three, or even four steps.  Sometimes you reach a crossroad and have to make a tough decision to go either this way, or that.  Or worse, you find yourself hanging by your fingernails on an outcrop at the side of your mountain, stuck there, not able to go back down, and not knowing how to move forward and up.  You know you can`t go back down, but you still aren`t quite certain of the way up, and it`s frightening.  It takes a leap of faith to get you moving again – a trust in yourself and your own instincts, a belief in who you are, and a firm acknowledgement and understanding of what you want and where you want to go.  It takes much courage to keep going during such times, requiring unbelievable strength and an unremitting desire to grow.

Although it may feel like you are regressing at times, there is in fact no such thing when you are finding your way towards the summit.  The twists and turns, the indecision, and even the back-slides can be a learning experience, if you can allow yourself to see it that way.  No one ever said the journey would be without challenges; it seems nothing worth having in life is ever easy.  The fact that it requires so much effort to even attempt to move towards self-actualization is what gives it so much value in the end, and is also why so few even try. 

Not everyone is interested in seeking truth about themselves, or willing to delve deep within their own psyches to find the inspiration that will propel them towards the higher plain.  The desire to climb towards the summit, to really truly understand what one is, and what one wants from life must come from a quiet place reserved for you, and you alone.  A beautiful secret garden within your own internal landscape that draws you in and compels you to walk about, searching for answers.  That whispers to you in a language only you can understand; a peaceful place that beckons you towards a still pond in which you can gaze and see your reflexion clearly, truly and honestly.  It is in this place that you will come to understand fully not only who you are, but most importantly, who and what you were meant to be.

Once you have gazed into the reflective pond and have seen what you are and what you could be, there is no turning back to what was.  The pain, the angst, the joy, the discoveries, all will serve to push you ahead towards that higher plain.  It doesn`t matter if you actually make it to the summit.  It is the road travelled and all of the hardships and occasionally the immense rewards that it holds that will provide the subtle shifting towards positive change, and the fuel for continued growth.  The summit itself serves only to provide a vision of the possibilities that lie ahead.

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5 Responses to Shifting – The Stops and Starts of Personal Growth

  1. Nina Renee says:

    My eyes welled up. Beautiful.

  2. a friend says:

    Always remember that you need not make the journey up the summit alone…I will be there for you if you want… to help you carry the heavy load and to be happy for you when you reach the top (and those peaks in between). I already am happy for you. Stick to your guns and remember what you ultimately are seeking from the journey…

    • lthibault11 says:

      Thank you my friend. Not sure I will reach the top (it`s a long way up!), but it`s a good feeling to know you are there beside me in case I stumble and fall on my way up. If the need ever arises, I am there for you as well.

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