My Empty Garden

After a long and restless sleep, I was awakened by the sweetest sound of a little bird gently calling me to my window. Opening my eyes I followed the sound, and as I looked out, to my dismay, I saw a dry and barren garden – my garden – unkempt, in disarray, and sadly neglected. I saw that most of the flowers had died, some still holding on to buds that would never see the light of day.

I also saw that someone had come along and, thinking the garden had been abandoned, planted their own flowers in place of mine. Flowers of their liking. I saw that these flowers were not ones I would have chosen, but yet, there they were in my garden. The wrong colours; the wrong species; lacking harmony.

I saw that the garden had grown full of weeds, rampantly taking over the empty spaces left behind by the forgotten and decaying flowers. And – I realized with regret that I was at fault. I had allowed my garden to wither away as I slept. Without water, nourishment, and care, it had lost its vitality; its very essence.

As I contemplated the dreary state of my garden, I began to understand what I needed to do. My task was to bring it back to its original splendour; to what it used to be, and what it was meant to be. I would do this first by removing the unwanted flowers that had been placed there by someone else, and I would plant new flowers. Flowers of my own choice. Beautiful, bright, healthy ones that would stand proudly in peaceful harmony and balance with each other. And I would remove the weeds that were creating long dark shadows and choking the life out of my garden. It would be difficult work, I knew, but I would tackle each one, a day at a time. I would take care of my garden.

And if I was careful to water it, I knew it would no longer be empty, but would thrive once again.

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